186 Office

The 186 Office: Reduced, Reused, and Recycled

Green roots

186 Lighting Design Group’s focus on sustainable lighting design began 20 years ago, when 186 founder and principal Gregg Mackell began his career with the US Department of Energy. There, Gregg studied energy efficiency in lighting and building design. He performed energy analyses, energy efficient lighting designs and lighting retrofits. As Gregg formed 186, he never lost sight of the effects of lighting on the energy consumption in homes and buildings, and made a commitment to minimize energy usage without losing the integrity of each design.

To further practice what we preach, we have made the 186 office as “green” as possible- finished using all sustainable, recycled or reused materials. With our reused cabinetry, soy-based concrete floor stain and a conference table made from pressed sunflower seed husks, we're reminded of our commitment to using our natural resources wisely.