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  • Overview
  • Schematics / Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Construction administration
  • Landscape lighting design
  • Custom fixture design
  • Lighting Control systems
  • Final aiming

Services overview

186 offers comprehensive design services to guide projects from conceptual design through the aiming of adjustable lights after art and furniture are in place.

We take a hands-on approach to each project. Architecture, interiors, art and landscapes tend to evolve throughout the design and construction phases of a project. Our involvement in each phase allows us to continuously adjust the lighting to each project’s evolution. Our work is not complete until the last piece of art is illuminated and final scene is set.


Schematics / Design development

Meet with the owners, architect, interior designer and other pertinent parties to discuss and develop a design scheme tailored to the project. Set up CAD lighting plan. Produce a package including lighting plans and light fixture cut sheets to be issued as a pricing set.

Designers discussing a blueprint

Construction documents

Perform modifications to the lighting design due to any necessary value engineering and/or refinements to the interiors and architecture. Issue a revised drawing set for construction.

Construction documents
Construction documents
Construction documents
Construction documents

Construction administration

186 takes a hands-on approach during the construction phase to coordinate details and adapt the design to integrate with construction issues as they arise.

Custom fixture sketch

Landscape lighting design

Work closely with the Landscape Architect to develop a landscape lighting plan that is comprehensive and sensitive to local exterior lighting requirements.

Landscape lighting

Custom fixture design

Develop custom fixture concept with owners and design team. Work with custom fixture manufacturer from initial prototype through final fixture design to insure all design intent is integrated into the finished product.

Custom fixture production
Custom lighting fixture
Custom lighting fixture
Custom lighting fixture

Lighting Control systems

186 staff are trained in the system design and programming for many different lighting control systems. Because we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, 186 will recommend the most appropriate system for your project.

From initial recommendations, through hardware design, software programming, troubleshooting at system startup, and follow up programming revisions, we will insure that the lighting control system is user friendly and elegant.

Lighting controls

Final aiming

We are meticulous and thorough when aiming adjustable light fixtures. 186 works with the electrical contractor to adjust beamspreads and add appropriate lenses and louvers to illuminate artwork, furniture, landscaping and architecture.

After all adjustable fixtures are aimed, lighting control scenes are modified to balance the finished environment.

Hanging art

Circles of light

Before aiming

Blended light

After aiming